Exchange visit to establish partnerships for Văcărești Natural Park

Exchange visit to establish partnerships for Văcărești Natural Park

Between 24th and 27th of September, the members of Văcărești Natural Park Association have participated in an exchange visit for the urban protected areas’ research and management in Oslo, Norway.

The purpose of the visit has been the presentation of Văcărești Natural Park and the initiation of partnerships for the development of future projects in the park.

We have met the representatives of the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, we introduced the park and we explored possibilities for future collaboration, once the next financing EEA Grants call is launched.

Furthermore, we have been pleased to visit Nordre Øyeren – the largest inland delta of Norway and Ramsar site, and Østensjøvannet Nature Reserves – a waterfowls’ paradise (both members of WLI), in the company of the reserves’ guides, and to learn about the management of protected areas in Norway, or strengths, challenges and threats faced by the most biodiverse wetland in Oslo (i.e. Østensjøvannet), located at only 6 km away from the city centre. It was a great experience that we hope to replicate and further develop in future projects. 

The visit has been financed under EEA Grants, the Fund for Billateral Relations within Programme RO02 – Biodiversity andeEcosystem services. The Programme Operator is the Romanian Ministry of Environment.

The Programme RO02 Biodiversity and ecossytem services supports the implementation of protection and conservation projects, as well as the information and awareness of the public with regards to the day-by-day benefits of the ecosystem services and the importance of maintaining them healthy. The general objective of the program is to halt biodiversity loss.

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