Our activities

În 2017 we have opened the first thematic trail in the park: the ”Urban biodiversity trail”, which is signaled by 7 signposts with information and representative photographs for the main species of plants and animals in the park, plus one wildlife observatory and an otter's den. The path was established through a project financed by the Bucharest Community Foundation.

Another thematic route was set up with the support of Enel and is dedicated to birds. On this route, the children find out from Vlad, our biologist, an avid bird watcher and one of the park rangers, about the behavior of the birds of prey, the feeding and nesting of waterfowl, the songs of the meadow birds, the hunting tactics of the night birds or the nest building methods of the field birds. The young visitors then have the opportunity to observe the waterfowl from the gazebo located in front of one of the largest lakes in the park.

The tours are free of charge and any teacher who wishes to visit the park together with the kids in his/her school is invited to contact us in order to schedule a visit.

In 2017 we received over 50 groups of various ages, from kindergarten to high school - approximately 1,500 children - for whom the association's representatives organized guided tours and talks about the park, and who observed birds, frogs, snakes, turtles.

In the future, we wish to improve the manner of conducting outdoors lessons, by installing wildlife observatories in other areas of the park as well, organizing tours for the interpretation and experimentation of nature and initiating programs for training children in order to become very efficient protectors and defenders of nature.

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