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Sandy, the one that united the people

Publicat la data de: 10 May 2018 Sandy, the one that united the people

Watched from above, America is a mosaic of landforms and actions: sunny coastlines, mountains and forests, endless fields, either farmed or just punctured by wells, here and there, suburbs that are double the surface of the cities to which they belong, craters left behind by mining activities, gigantic dams, endless and sinuous roadways which lead everywhere and are permanently jammed.

Vacaresti: A Wetland in Central Bucharest

Publicat la data de: 21 Sep 2016

„The park offers huge opportunities, for example as a centre of ecological education for the children of Romania’s capital, but there are challenges too, from littering to fire

Read more on the blog of the British Ambassador in Romania: Mr. Paul Brummell

Wilde nature claims place in Romanian Capital

Publicat la data de: 01 Aug 2016

Vacaresti is the result of a communist-era plan to build a lake in southern Bucharest, one of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s many projects to overhaul the city.